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                                                              MANEA MATTERS

      – PART FIVE

            ell by the time you read this I will be
            on the second part of my journey to
     Wbecoming a Guide Dog.
     I have left Manea and gone to Redbridge where
     I will learn to work in harness and what it is to
     guide. I will be in someone’s home and they will
     drop me off at school every day. I will start to
     work out routes, navigating a clear path for me
     and my human where there might be a parked
     car or a bin left on the pavement. I will learn to
           There is a space on the          I know how scary it was at first, so I let him play
 MANEA GALA 2022                            and have a cuddle now and again but he can be a
 Saturday 9th July 2022  wall for my graduation   pest, so I love it when he’s tired and has a sleep!
 From 1:00pm – 11:00pm  picture - paws crossed!
 Manea Gala Parade (around Village)   cope with overhanging bushes and even a busy
 11.30am start  shopping centre. I hear this will be for about six
     months and then I will hopefully be matched
 Battle of Britain Memorial Fly Past  with someone who needs my help. There is a
     space on the wall for my graduation picture -
 Lots of Kids’ Rides  paws crossed!
 Over 50 Stalls  I am ready for my next challenge, providing they
     have a pocket full of treats I will be fine, and
 Hot Food Stalls  mum will hear how I get on. I really hope I do
     well and make her proud.
 Sandwiches, Cakes, Tea & Coffee
     Mum now has a new apprentice - Bruce - who
 Ice Cream Van  has just arrived to start his own journey.
                                            So, I hand over the lead to Bruce - I daresay you
 Classic & Historic Vehicles                will see him about the village, but thank you
 Jez Avery Stunt team arena event           Manea-ans all for helping me in my training.
                                            Paws farewell
 Old & New Motorbikes on show                                   Edmund

 Dog Show (Fairy Dog Mothers)
 Old and New Tractors
 Manea Silver Band                                     GOOD LUCK
 Two Live Evening Bands

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