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      Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
      was born on 21st April 1926
      She is the eldest daughter of King George
      VI, who was the second son of King George
      V.  It’s easy to forget that The Queen wasn’t
      supposed to have become queen at all!
      King Edward VIII succeeded his father King
      George V, but subsequently abdicated
      in 1936 to marry the American divorcee
      Wallis Simpson. His brother, the Queen’s
      father, consequently became King George
      VI when the Queen was 11 years old.

      She married her third cousin, Philip
      Mountbatten (latterly Prince Philip) on 20th
      November 1947 in Westminster Abbey.

      The Death of King George VI in        The First State Visit to West
      February 1952                         Germany in 1965
      Upon the death of her father, at      A 10-day visit to the Federal Republic of
      Sandringham on 6th February 1952,     Germany (West Germany as it is now)
      Princess  Elizabeth  was  called  upon  to   began on 27th May 1965. It was the first
      assume the throne at the age of 25. She   official visit there by a British royal since
      was staying at the Treetops Hotel in the   1913 and marked the 20-year anniversary
      foothills of Mount Kenya when she was   of the end of the Second World War.
      told the news. At only 25, she was actually
      seven years older than Queen Victoria, who
      became queen at just 18.              The Aberfan Disaster 1966
                                            On  21st  October  1966,  an  avalanche
      The Queen’s Coronation 1953           of almost 140,000 cubic yards of black
      The coronation ceremony was held at   slurry from a coal mine cascaded down
                                            the hill above the South Wales village of
      Westminster Abbey on 2nd June 1953    Aberfan, destroying everything in its path.
      and was the first to be broadcast live on   It buried an elementary school killing 116
      television. The population of the UK was   children and 28 adults. Prince Philip went
      36 million at the time and it’s estimated   to Aberfan the following day but The Queen
      that 27 million watched the ceremony with   delayed her visit for over a week as she
      millions more listening on the radio. After   felt her presence would distract from the
      the ceremony, some 3 million people lined   rescue efforts. It is well-documented that
      the route between Westminster Abbey and   she has regretted that decision more than
      Buckingham Palace.                    any other in her reign.

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